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Links on Fire: Biz dunks, Hendo blocks and more

Links! Links! Links! Click! Click! Click! Please?


When Biz isn't fumbling balls out of bounds or travelling he's doing this.
It may have been his only points of the game, but at least he made them count.

Spencer Percy of Queen City Hoops attended last night's game.
He has video, quotes, player grades and more from the Bobcats' win.

J.J. Redick acknowledges he was a "prick" at Duke.
Interesting insight from Redick on playing up the villain role when he was a Blue Devil. This one's from Grantland.

Top 10 plays in the Association last night.
Hendo makes an appearance with a monster block and so does Biz's dunk if you care to see it again.

An inside look at how SportVU is changing the NBA.
There's a lot to digest here, but it is well worth the read. Zach Lowe goes in depth on the analytical transformation the league is undergoing.