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The Bobcats get obliterated by the Jazz, 68-98

There is still some hope...




PING PONG BALLS! WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THE PING PONG BALLS! Don't forget with every loss the Bobcats remain ahead of the Magic for more losses and this increases their ping pong ball count. More ping pong balls equals a better chance at the first pick of the draft. So, there's always that.

This game was horrible. Enes Kanter is going to be inside all of our nightmares tonight stealing our ice cream. Here's a fun stat for you. At one point Kanter had 17 rebounds. And so did the Bobcats! The Bobcats finished with 24 rebounds. Kanter finished with 22. An entire NBA team almost got out rebounded by one player. In the first half, the Jazz had 32 rebounds. They had eight more rebounds in the first half than the Bobcats had THE ENTIRE game. The Jazz finished with 62 rebounds. That's more than twice the Bobcats rebounds for the entire game. If I haven't beaten the dead horse enough the Jazz front line DEMOLISHED the Bobcats front line, especially on the boards.

The Jazz played some pretty good defense but the Bobcats played even worse offense. In the 1st half both Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker shot 1 for 8. The Bobcats would occasionally have one possession where they would play good defense but for the most part it was all horrible defense. It's just ... there's not much to say. The game was horrible and disgustingly bad because Bobcats.

Lets never talk about it again.