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Charlotte Bobcats vs Toronto Raptors game preview


One of my favorite things about when the Bobcats win is the irrational hope it builds in me for a winning streak.

Coming off a win against a decent Wizards team, it's happening again for me. But considering how the Raptors just recently handle business against Charlotte, it's a bit tempered.

The Bobcats still can't rebound and will probably let Amir Johnson clean the glass with ease. The main thing I hope to see change is how well Rudy Gay plays. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist pretty much was a doormat for Gay last time around as he dropped 28 points on 16 shots.

Yet, there's hope. I doubt Gay repeats his performance and the Bobcats can once again pressure the Raptors into turning the ball over much like they did in the last outing. And despite being outrebounded in totality, the Bobcats did record more offensive rebounds than Toronto.

Gerald Henderson is playing very well, which adds an edge of versatility to the Bobcats' offense due to his off-ball acumen to cut and hit shots coming off screens. Josh McRoberts is also helping the team as a decent passer and an active body on defense, though he's no Chris Bosh or anything.

All things considered, this could be a competitive game tonight and it should be. Whether it will be is something we'll just have to wait and see, but any time the Bobcats can try to string together a couple wins is a good thing.