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Michael Jordan speaks to season ticket holders

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan spoke to season ticket holders and promised change Wednesday night.

Streeter Lecka

When the season comes to a close, a handful of questions arise for every basketball team. Who should we keep? Is this player in our future? How is our coach doing? These are all important questions that NBA front offices ask themselves.

Fans ask themselves the same questions. However, they also ask themselves if they should renew their season tickets.

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan hosted a panel for season ticket holders Wednesday night where he tried to convince fans to renew their season tickets. With Jordan on the panel were team president Fred Whitfield, and general manager Rich Cho. According to reports from Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell, Jordan told the audience he was frustrated with the team's record and plans on reevaluating the team this off-season.

During a Q&A session, fans asked the panel about Bobcats' coach Mike Dunlap's future, the team's name, and the 2013 NBA Draft.

Jordan said little about Mike Dunlap's future, and made the aforementioned statement about how he plans to reevaluate the team this off season.

When asked about the team's name, season ticket holders were told that the team is investigating whether a change is necessary.

Cho remarked that the Bobcats will likely receive Detroit's draft pick next year when asked about the upcoming draft. The 2014 NBA Draft is expected to be very deep.

Fans will surely try to analyze and pick apart the statements the Bobcats made.

For instance. one might assume that Jordan saying he plans on reevaluating the team means the firing of Dunlap. That's probably not the case though, because any well run organization is going to evaluate themselves at the end of every season whether they're the best team or the worst.

As far as the Hornets thing goes, old info, nothing new.

Cho's answer to the draft question was curious. It's almost as if he dodged the notion that the 2013 NBA Draft is considered weak. Makes me wonder if they have other plans for the pick or not.

I hope that the majority of these fans decided to renew their season tickets. The Bobcats are heading in the right direction. We've seen flashes of what they can become, and Cho is a very competent general manager. With the way the offense is playing of late and the improvements we've seen in the Bobcats' players, this team has a bright future. The rough years are on their way out. I'm sure of it.