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Bobcats vs. Magic Game Preview: Somebody Must Win

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Projected Starting Lineups

Bobcats| Magic
Kemba Walker | Jameer Nelson
Gerald Henderson | E"Twaun Moore
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist | Maurice Harkless
Bismack Biyombo | Tobias Harris
Josh McRoberts |
Kyle O'Quinn

I used that clip above because like Homer Simpson, I'm torn on which team I favor in this matchup. The reason for that is because these teams are within 1.5 games of each other for the chance to have the most ping pong balls in the upcoming NBA Draft Lottery. The Bobcats have held that title for the majority of the season but Orlando's recent 7 game losing streak has pulled them close to a Bobcats team that has actually looked solid lately (save for that Miami game).

Orlando is similar to Charlotte because they're a very bad team but they scare me as a fan for some reason. Perhaps it's the Bucks fan in me that's in love with Tobias Harris but this young Orlando team has players like Tobias and Moe Harkless who are both young players with a lot of potential but they're still very inexperienced.

That's what makes these two teams so similar because they're bad teams this year but have young pieces that can evolve into very good players in the future. A prime example of this will be the match-up between two of the youngest players in the league (Maurice Harkless and MKG) at small forward.

Both are more known for their defense than offense, even though Harkless has been solid offensively since the All-Star break with 13 PPG on 48% shooting. These two are potentially the biggest pieces going forward for both Orlando and Charlotte so it'll be interesting to see how they not only matchup in this game but in the upcoming seasons.

Perhaps most importantly in this game, Nikola Vucevic is out with a concussion. Vucevic is a up-and-coming center with great rebounding ability and nice touch around the hoop. Missing him is a tough break for Orlando, especially because the Bobcats struggle to defend him.