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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Orlando Magic



Year one of your rebuild and pray tell, how does it go?
'Cause to me, it seems your future's been stuck in escrow

And Gerald Henderson's gonna make mincemeat of Arron Afflalo
Hendo'll beat him worse than Drago vs Apollo

By the way, thanks for taking Hakim and giving us McBobs
10 years ago you made the playoffs, now you have no hope no cash and no jobs

Ugh, please no more Lamb, another bit and I'll get indigestion
He's so bad, he should seriously consider a change in profession

Haw haw! Another bumbled play from Nelson
The Magic are so bad they should give a max contract to Francisco Elson.

I get it; trading Dwight couldn't have been an easy decision
But right now I'm not sure if his team or yours is more susceptible to derision

I hope you're ready to lose, 'cause you ain't gonna win
Vander Weide's gone so which exec drunk dials Kyle O'Quinn?

We've heard it all so don't rap back with phony agitation
The Bobcats are here again to deal you your routine castigation.