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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs New York Knicks

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE


Let's go, I'm like Walt Frazier, rhymin' and prime-timin'
Spike Lee's pissed but it's my turn to chime in

By the way, Spike, this game's going to leave you pained
You'll be more angry than when you heard of Django Unchained

The Bobcats are ready, their time in the Big Apple has arrived
It's not too late to put on black and make a habit of catching the 4-5

Everyone's heard the age jokes and I'm sure they're stale
But I can't get over how much you spent on people so frail

And what's even more embarrassing, well, ya got James Dolan
Perhaps he's easier to ignore when you're consistently rollin'

But you ain't and Jimmy D's an annoyed paranoid
He's got microphones everywhere that Melo can't avoid

You trying to get the pipe? JR's trying to get a fine
His Twitter's a field full of nothing but mines

I only got one bar left and, Tyson, I've saved it for this:
Your fashion sense must have had its own midlife crisis


Are the Knicks gonna win? Hell no.
Can't rely on contested shots from Melo at the elbow

Well, though, at least you have Stoudemire
nevermind -- only thing he steals is all desire

I've had to watch your basketball, no assists to dispence
only thing J.R's giving the pipe to, is a good offense.

remembering the "glory days", yeah that must be better than
the present, passing old men off as lofty veterans

Bobcats are gonna take the Knicks to dinner, that's a rough date.
but Raymond Felton's cool if after for desert, he gets cupcakes.


The Knicks can only see a loss, it's like they're stuck with tunnel vision
Always hitting Melo for three bricks, sounds to me like a drug addiction

These jokes write themselves bro, 'cause the Knicks are masochists
Don't believe me? The second oldest player they have is Kidd

Maybe the Knicks think their players are Benjamin Buttons
Who are you guys kidding? You ain't gonna win nothing

You're going for the 'ship? Y'all couldn't hoop with hulas
That's just a pipe dream -- and J.R.'ll give it to ya

From what I hear, injuries and old age're what the Knicks fear
And STAT? Has he even registered one this year?

Don't even think of responding that's honestly a mistake
These are the best rhymes PERIOD, put THAT on your Knickstape