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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs. Sacramento Kings



Welcome to Sleep Train, not just the name of the arena
Kings' D: b-ball equivalent of a cleveland steamer

Traded your top-five pick for nothing just gives us more proof
the Maloofs are crapbags, makin' me glad MJ is under our roof

Dang, that last rhyme was so viciously resplendent
Say goodbye to DeMarcus Cousins 'cause he just got suspended

But now you've got Toney Douglas, oh yeah,.he's a can't miss
Are you collecting so many mediocre guards on purpose?

Pizza Guy's in the oven, Kemba will bake him for later
Thank goodness you've still got John Salmons as a shot creator.


Bobcats in town? Y'all are about to be finished
especially when Smart doesnt give Isaiah Thomas minutes

when your squad steps out on the court, they'll have their regrets
like, waking up this morning.. or drafting Jimmer Fredette

just taking an off day today seems quite important
can't win with terrible shots from Marcus Thornton

at the end of the game, you'll probably put up 67
mid-rangers by Cousins, and turnovers by Evans

Aaron Brooks: you should be glad you were droppin him
but why in the world did you give up on Thomas Robinson?