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Bobcats lose to Kings, 83-119

Ah, another loss for our Bobcats. This wasn't just any loss, though. This was a huge loss. In what should have been a winnable game, the Bobcats were blown out by the Kings.


Guys, I'm gonna keep it one hundred.

I don't know what to write about. I've exhausted every avenue of discussion in past recaps. We've been subjected to the same courses of action and reaction all year, and I'm almost overwhelmed with disappointment, to the point where I've come to accept their misfortunes and level of play as the norm.

I gave you that little paragraph to explain the simplicity of this recap. We're gonna cover some stats and get on with our lives.

First, the margin. The Bobcats lost this game by a disgusting 36 points. It gets worse when you realize that they had a solid first quarter, and that the entirety of the fourth quarter was garbage time. In quarters two and three, the Bobcats were outscored 70-32.

Why were they outscored by such a large margin? Same reason as always. The Bobcats shot 36.4% overall, and allowed the Kings to shoot 46.7%. Same old.

The Kings also attempted 90 field goals to the Bobcats' 77. Why? Two reasons. The Kings outrebounded the Bobcats 60-31, and had 19 second chance points. Also, the Bobcats turned the ball over 13 times and allowed the Kings to score 19 fastbreak points. Fun!

Pluses? The Bobcats got to the line 27 times, and converted on 21 of their attempts. Could be better, but it's nice to see them getting to the line.

But they also allowed the Kings to shoot 27 free throws. Not so ideal.

No Bobcat was especially impressive today, but I'd like to bring up Josh McRoberts. I've long been a fan of McBob, an intense player with underrated basketball IQ. McBob made several great decisions that should have led to made baskets, but alas, the Bobcats are not good at putting the ball in the basket. Time will tell if McBob can keep up a high level of play.

Oh, Kemba. First half? Seven points, five assists. Second half? Four points, one assist. Admittedly in seven minutes, but still. Not sure what happened there.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist looked pretty solid in what was arguably his best game since returning from his concussion. He finished the game with 10 points on 4-8 shooting, six rebounds and a wicked block on Toney Douglas in a welcome 28 minutes.

I imagine Mike Dunlap isn't as secure in his position as he once was, but I can't see the Bobcats firing him this season. Maybe during the offseason. Maybe they give him a second chance next season when the team's a bit better. But you have to assume that Jordan, despite seemingly being on board with the rebuild, is getting impatient with the team's losing ways.

This game was ugly, and I don't want to talk about it. Feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments.