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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs Portland Trail Blazers

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports


The 'Cats coming to town, place your bets on them, call your bookie
Damian Lillard's like 30 years old, how is he still a rookie?

the Bobcats aren't doing great, but dissing y'all, Still I Am
I dunno whos worse at basketball... Will Barton or Will.I.Am

the way you're playing ball, you should put on some clown costumes
the Bobcats are gonna punch you in the crotch, this time we're Nic Batum

the Blazers playoff chances are an absolute myth
especially giving significant minutes to Nolan Smith

you say the Blazers are gonna win? you're a liar like Richard Nixon
I have less respect for you, then the respect for women of JJ Hickson


Your bench is so weak, you should play L-A forty-eight
'Cause every time Sasha plays, everyone's eyes dilate

Lillard is pretty good, I ain't afraid to give you that,
But a team that messes with Will.I.Am is one I'll never dap

I was worried about you last summer, you had a big hole
But I'm glad you filled it and got a new guy named Joel

Maybe that's your strategy, keep one as often as you can
Trade deadline passed, you couldn't even deal Hickson to Iran

And thanks so much for signing Jared Jeffries
You would have been better off signing one of the referees.