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Tyrus Thomas told not to join team on road trip

The Bobcats front office has told Tyrus Thomas to just stick around in Charlotte while the team goes on a road trip.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell is reporting the Bobcats have told Tyrus Thomas to not even bother accompanying the team on their four-game West coast trip.

Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins said Monday the front office felt Thomas's time was better spent in Charlotte, doing some physical rehabilitation and individual on-court work, rather than be on the road with his team.

Welcome to just the latest chapter in the depressing fall of Tyrus Thomas. Thomas seems headed straight for an amnesty this summer, with the Bobcats keeping him inactive for much of the last few weeks and playing new acquisition Josh McRoberts over him.

I didn't know it was physically possible but yes, Tyrus Thomas is playing even worse than last year's 36.7 FG% and other career lows, following it up this season with even worse career lows! Pfft, 36.7 FG%? Welcome to 31.7 FG%.

Did you know he started two games this year? Yep! And now he's fallen pretty much completely out of favor in the lineup, below Byron Mullens, Hakim Warrick, Jeff Adrien and McRoberts. That's pretty dadgum awful when you consider he's making $18 million over the next two season. If the Bobcats do decide to cut him loose with the amnesty this year, they won't save money per se, but his salary won't count against their cap, which is nice.

But hey, at least the team is saving money on his flights.