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Charlotte Bobcats at Brooklyn Nets game preview

What happens when two struggling teams with losing streaks meet? One wins and can sleep a little easier at night. That's what will happen tonight when the Bobcats and Nets square off. Gametime: 7 p.m. EST


The Bobcats enter tonight's game with a seven-game losing streak, one of their top scorers and rebounding leader coming off a benching and four straight ass-kickings delivered at the hands of four Western Conference foes on the road.

Are YOU ready for some Bobcats baaaaasketballlllll?!?!

Probably not after that lede, or if you've seen the team lately, but the Bobcats will return home to try to get back on track. The team has experienced some brutal losses of late with none more concerning than the loss to Sacramento by 36 points.

But that's in the past and the Nets are in the future.

The Nets followed up a four-game winning streak by losing four of their next five, including their last two. Regardless of how they've been playing, this is still going to prove to be a difficult task for Charlotte. Brook Lopez is playing the best basketball of his career this season and he shouldn't have a problem putting up big numbers against a Bobcats front line that played Gana Diop 15 minutes last game. Another issue for the 'Cats will be Deron Williams' size. At 6'3" you can expect Brooklyn to get him touches in the post when Kemba Walker is defending him. It hasn't been Williams' best season, but he shouldn't have trouble getting it going on the offensive end against Charlotte.

As for the Bobcats, they're going to have to start rebounding and defending better if they hope to be within reach come the fourth quarter. Offensively, Charlotte is going to need big games from Walker, Gerald Henderson, Ramon Sessions and one other player to step up. Normally you would point your finger at Byron Mullens, but with him being benched against Portland who knows how long of a leash he has right now.

If this one ends up like the past six games have take solace in seeing Gerald Wallace in Charlotte again. Wallace isn't the same player he once was, averaging his lowest point total (8.5) since the 2004-2005 season but it's a chance for fans to see the greatest Bobcat of all time come to town. I'm guessing he'll have a few "Crash" moments in store for us.