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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs Brooklyn Nets

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports


What the bobcats are cooking, you don't want a batch
Well, actually, except for Andray Blatche

Because honestly, what would Blatche not eat?
Only good the nets have done is when JJ made Paul Pierce take a seat

You're not Brooklyn, but you're definitely Shooklyn
Why do you think you can trade for superstars with Marshon Brooks man?

A bunch of bad contracts on your squad, you've got some dice to roll
It'd be nice to know if you could win anything led by Iso-Joe

Don't know why national networks give your team airtime
Reggie Evans is the only thing uglier than Deron's hairline


Cool, you got pockets deep as the Marianas Trench
Good job giving Kris twelve mil to sleep on the bench

And I'm proud of G Dub even though he's gotten worse
No shame in getting your fill from Prokhorov's purse

Polish that turd, try to find some vogue ends
But we see right through it, why else play Keith Bogans?

I can't leave without deriding D Will, what do I do
I can't decide whether to make fun of his hair or his tattoo

And all you other Nets throwing shots, it's ovuh
You only get half a bar -- kick rocks, Hova.