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Links On Fire: Bring Back the Buzz gets an ad, Ekpe Udoh hangs out with kids from Twitter

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Bring back the Buzz advertisement
Some people want the old Hornets name to come back to Charlotte. Here's a video about it.

Byron Mullens knee keeps him out of TrailBlazers game
For those of you who were curious as to why Mullens asked out of the TrailBlazers game Rick Bonnell gets some comments from Mullens about his knee after the game.

Ekpe Udoh does Google+ hangout with some twitter followers.
Ekpe Udoh did a Google+ hangout and answered questions with some normal twitter followers. Does this make him one of your favorite non Bobcats players now?

A Poem about a player from Gonzaga
We all remember the last really good Gonzaga player...well here's a poem from Blake Potash of Breaking Beasley on Kelly Olynck.

Timberwolves Harlem Shake
We're ALL sick of the Harlem Shake. Turns out the Wolves are too.

Russel Westbrook, the most misunderstood player in the NBA
I've always been a Russel Westbrook fan and this post from SLAM defends the often misunderstood point guard.

Iguodala is the glue to Denver
A post on how Andre Iguodala is the glue to a very good Denver team.