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Down In It: Thunder at Bobcats Preview

Inspired by their own industrial rock anthem, the Bobcats battle the Thunder at home looking to claim victory.


You may or may not realize this, but the Nine Inch Nails' song "Down In It" was in fact written about our beloved Bobcats. See, NIN frontman Trent Reznor grew up a lifelong Bobcats fan and has always been publicly outspoken about how his favorite childhood memories involved going to Time Warner Cable Arena to take in a game when he could. And with Reznor's announcement of the band's reformation and subsequent tour, I thought now would be a good time to breakdown his Bobcats anthem that he wrote about this season almost 25 years ago.

Don't bother fact-checking that paragraph; all of it is totally true. Anyway, the video is below for you to follow along with.

(via NineInchNailsVEVO)

Verse 1: "Kinda like a cloud I was up, way up in the sky, and I was feeling some feelings you wouldn't believe, sometimes I don't believe in myself and I decided I was never coming down..."

This one is easy. Of course, he's referencing the high of the 7-5 start and how he was totally sold on the Bobcats sneaking into the playoffs as the eighth seed at this point, like many others in the Rufus community did.

"...Just then, a tiny little dot caught my eye, it was just too small to see, but I watched it way too long, it was pulling me down"

The dot Reznor is referring to could simply be reality and knowing that it wasn't likely this team would be able to sustain the level of play they exhibited through the first twelve games of the season, and that he's getting pulled back down into that more disappointing reality.

Chorus: "I was up above it, I was up above it, I was up above it, now I'm down in it"

Oh, yes, the wins have now stopped, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist hit his rookie wall, and the injuries have begun to mount. Down in it, indeed, Mr. Reznor.

Verse 2: " Shut up - so what does it matter now, I was swimming in the haze now I crawl on the ground, and everything I never liked about you is seeping into me, I try to laugh about it now, but isn't it funny how everything works out, I guess the joke's on me"

Here, Reznor has become noticeably frustrated with his beloved 'Cats and begins the verse with a firm "shut up." Why is he telling someone to shut up? Well, when you look at the next line of "what does it matter now," it seems logical to say that he could be talking to overly optimistic Bobcats fans who think that they can turn it around, and wants them to shut up because he has already realized that this is turning into a long season. And when he's talking about swimming in the haze and crawling on the ground he is referring to all of the jokes made about his favorite team last season, but now people don't even care enough to do that. Things have just gotten so bad with things like player-coach feuds and players being asked to stay away from the team that he can't even feel better by laughing at everything.

Repeat Chorus

Bridge: "I used to be so big and strong, I used to know my right from wrong, I used to never be afraid, I used to be somebody, I used to have something inside, now just this hole it's open wide, used to want it all, used to be somebody"

Now, Trent is reflecting on the playoff run of a few years ago and contrasting that to where things are now with the Bobcats. Once a scrappy playoff team, he had to watch the subsequent years (including last season, of course), and even this season's losing streaks of 18, 8, 7, and 5. In the latter part of the bridge, he's obviously talking about the void he has by not being able to watch his team be successful. Poor guy.

Verse 3: "I'll cross my heart and hope to die, but the needle's already in my eye, and all the world's weight is on my back and I don't even know why, and what I used to think was me was just a fading memory, I looked him right in the eye and said 'goodbye'."

Clearly Reznor's fandom is wearing him down to the point where he doesn't even recognize himself in the mirror anymore, and he concedes that he knows he can never go back since he was born into his Bobcats fandom. I blame watching Gana Diop.


Tonight, our friend Trent Reznor looks to have his Bobcats faith tested tonight as his favorite team takes on the reigning Western Conference champs who are still really, really good. He remembers the 45-point drubbing the Thunder laid on the 'Cats last time out, and now they come into Charlotte off of a back-to-back. Charlotte will also have to make do without backup point guard Ramon Sessions who was diagnosed with a sprained MCL on Thursday that will keep him out 2-4 weeks.

The good thing for the Bobcats is that they will at least have all of their players besides Sessions at their disposal and more since Tyrus was asked to stay away from the team, which has to be addition by subtraction. Plus, we get to watch Kemba Walker versus Russell Westbrook which could potentially be exciting. The other good thing will, did you know it's Friday?!

Considering the Bobcats have suffered an average margin of defeat of 22 points during their eight game losing streak (Credit our very own Ben Swanson for that info), we are down in it. But remember that once basketball season is gone, it's gone, so enjoy it as much as you can.