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Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs Washington Wizards

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Escape in the Potomac, or face a Bobcats rout
With Wittman at the wheel, you can't even get a bailout

And I'm sorry, but it looks like John Wall's dead
Cause of death? Playing with Trevor Ariza is 'nuff said

Ernie Grunfeld, man, what more can anyone say
Leave a bouquet for most players he gets on draft day

The vote is in, here's the Supreme Court's decision:
The Wizards are so bad they can't play on television

A bill is being passed, and neither house will snub it
Everyone wants to send Jan back to the Czech Republic


what's up with Ernie drafting almost strictly bad non-Americans?
puts less thought into drafting than hook shots from Kevin Seraphin

bad contracts galore... Ariza... Okafor?
Can't think of a GM that is choking more.

your "rebuilding plan" for like 5 years has been stalled
you can't depend on jumpshots made from John Wall

especially when he's at the strip club all damn night
but hey, at least Bradley Beal is alright.

Nene, hey hey, the Wizards can't play play
the Bobcats are gonna beat their butts all damn day day