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Byron Mullens successfully completes pass

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday afternoon during a Bobcats team practice, Byron Mullens reportedly completed a pass to a teammate.

Coach Mike Dunlap confirmed the report later that night in a press conference.

"It was odd. At first, I thought it was a weird looking shot. I mean, I've seen some real funky movements from him that are just god-awful heaves to the hoop. This didn't look much different," Dunlap said.

"But the next thing I knew, the ball transferred directly from his hands to Henderson's. Normally when Byron doesn't shoot, the ball bounces off a defender or two and only rarely does it come back up in the hands of someone on our team. This is some drastic improvement that we're very excited about. For him to not only abstain from a terrible shot and to cleanly give the ball back to someone on his own team? This could be big."

Dunlap also confirmed that the pass to Henderson did force the guard into a double-team on the baseline that resulted in a turnover, but remained confident that the play indicated improvement from the big man.

In related news, the future second round pick the Bobcats sent to Oklahoma City still has not seen a minute of playing time on the court.