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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Detroit Pistons



Broken down and breaking up, your team ain't worth the space they're taking up
And your awful play has your fans gettin sad and Drake-ing up

Charlotte's had enough and they're gonna go Terminator
There's no hope for Detroit: RoboCop can't stop this perpetrator

The Bobcats are going to have the Motor City grinding its gears
And Charlie V's play is better than depression at selling beers

Sorry to be impolite but it must suck to rely on Brandon Knight
I'm surprised he still plays after DeAndre sent him into the light

We're gonna cut your gas line and kill the engine
The Pistons are just the next in line to crumble beneath the Bobcats legend


Are they pistons or peons?
Rodney Stuckey be on the court playing like he inhaled freon

Jonas Jerebko plays like he enjoys sniffing sharpies
About to write "the failures of Brandon Knight, part 3"

No way to win when you see Kemba gunnin
You'll be going down 8 mile and runnin

Ill leave Drummond, Monroe and Calderon alone
This is the type of loss that'll have your owner crying on the phone

Half of your team seriously needs to retire
Our Rufus, but your entire city's on fire