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Bobcats struggle and lose to Pistons, 113-93

The Bobcats lose an extremely disappointing game to the Detroit Pistons, 113-93


Both Detroit and Charlotte entered this game with nothing really to play for besides the sense of pride of defeating a fellow lottery team. Both teams are both in that same position where they're looking at the games more in a sense of who they want to build around and not so muchwho's going to be victorious.

As per tradition during the 2012-13 Bobcats season, Charlotte started the game looking like a solid up-tempo team that's aggressive on the defensive side of the ball and moves the ball around on offense. Now, both teams were extremely sloppy during this quarter (both had 7 turnovers in the first) which was extremely tough to watch, but that also allowed Charlotte to do their work in transition. That work in transition has been a strength for the Cats during the season. Tonight it helped them end the quarter with a 30-23 lead behind the duo of Kidd-Gilchrist (7 points and 5 rebounds) and Henderson (9 points on 4-for-7 shooting).

The second quarter started to get ugly for the Cats as soon as the Swedish sensation Jonas Jerebko came off of the Pistons bench. To say that Jerebko had a great quarter would be a huge understatement. He took over this game for Detroit scoring 17 points on a perfect 7-for-7 from the field. While that happened, Kemba Walker was basically playing a 1 on 5 game of basketball against the Pistons as he was the only Bobcat who made any impact in that 2nd quarter by scoring 18 of Charlotte's 23 points.

The score was 62-53 in favor of Detroit as the two squads entered the second half, though the Pistons quickly put a knife in the hearts of Charlotte. Detroit's ability to work off the pick and roll with either Drummond or Monroe was all it really took to destroy Charlotte because of their weak frontcourt. Those two players were able to work around the basket easily but they also helped set screens for guards of Knight and even Will Bynum to penetrate to the basket.

The final result was a 113-93 Pistons victory in what could be one of the more disappointing games of the season. This Charlotte team has struggled throughout the season but these kinds of game are still frustrating. They were sloppy both offensively (18 turnovers) and defensively against a below-average Pistons team. It could be because of just fatigue over a long NBA season but it does appear like this Charlotte team wants to wrap up this season and just go back home.