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Bobcats are not likely to become Hornets any time soon

NBA Commissioner-to-be Adam Silver and Bobcats executives spoke to fans and media about the team's rumored name change, the team's future, and Charlotte's viability as a small market.

Alex Trautwig

According to media and fans at the event, Adam Silver was candid and informative today at an end-of-season meeting for season ticket holders.

With Silver were team president Fred Whitfield, general manager Rich Cho, and Ahmad Rashad.

Silver said that a name change is an extended process that takes 18 months and that Charlotte has not begun the process yet. There is no indication if they will.

Whitfield said the team is still in the decision-making process and offered no timeline as to when a decision would be made. The team is still doing research.

Silver also mentioned that teams in small markets do have success, noting the Spurs, Thunder, Jazz and Pacers as current examples.

Asked about how teams can stop big-time players from leaving small markets, Silver joked that the Knicks haven't won anything in a while.

He said he is pleased that Charlotte wants to host an All-Star Game and cited the Democratic National Convention as proof that Charlotte can host large events. He warned fans to be cautious however, saying that like most things in the NBA, it's a long process.

However, Charlotte has not yet put in a bid. Still, it's nice to hear they're interested.

General manager Rich Cho expressed uncertainty when asked about Gerald Henderson's future. He suggested that it is difficult to retain players like him, but hopes the team can. "One of the hardest things to do is splitting up the pie. We'd like to have him back at the right price," Cho said.

Cho also reminded fans that rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is the youngest player in the NBA this season, and sophomore Bismack Biyombo is the tenth youngest. Bringing up his time in OKC, he said building is a process.

Lots of processing in this panel.

Some other tidbits: the NBA will review the age limit when a new NBPA head is chosen, and Silver likes idea of transparency when it comes to ping pong balls.

No major announcements as expected. Still, some cool stuff to think about.

Thanks to Rick Bonnell, `Nata Edwards, Chris Sotardi and Steve Reed for livetweeting the meeting.