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Links on Fire: 4/16

"Hey, hey! Link now in the fire!"


Welcome to the last Links on Fire of the regular season, and I'm your host, Derek James. We'll begin this with an important update from our very own Josh Priemski on the sitdown Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver and Bobcats GM Richard Cho had with season ticket holders. If you missed this, Silver and Cho discussed the possibility of a name change, the team's future and as well as giving several examples of small market teams that have thrived within the system.

I know many of your guys' minds are already on the draft, so here is a mock draft after many of the top prospects have declared for the NBA. Notably, Nerlens Noel and Otto Porter each declared yesterday. Feel free to argue amongst yourselves!

We all know that Kobe Bryant is arguably the best player drafted by a professional basketball team in Charlotte, but apparently he was also the best rapper drafted by a professional basketball team in Charlotte.

For HoopChalk, Dylan Murphy explains how Reggie Evans is cramping Brook Lopez's rebounding style.

Yesterday on Hardwood Paroxysm Noam Schiller discussed how the Spurs' roster moves could affect them going forward, and also talks about ex-Bobcat Stephen Jackson's release as well.

Going back to the SB Nation family, CelticsBlog's Jeff Clark talks about the impact of yesterday's tragedy and how it has changed the narratives for the upcoming Knicks-Celtics series as far as New York empathizing with and supporting Boston. Also, Paul Flannery had some good thoughts on CelticsBlog that are worth your time.

Well, that will do it for the last regular season installment of Links on Fire. Until next time, y'all.