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Charlotte Bobcats vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Game Preview: The End

Preview of the last game of the 2012-13 season between Charlotte and Cleveland


The five and a half month journey through this winding road known as the 2012-13 NBA season is about to end for our beloved Bobcats. This trip has been a long and mostly somber trip when you look at the 20-61 record but it's also brought some signs of hope. Despite hitting the proverbial rookie wall, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist has shown signs of promise while Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo have both progressed in their second years. This season has also brought the addition of Josh "McBob" McRoberts who has quickly become a social media darling because of his sudden resurgence where he went from a throw-in piece to get rid of Hakim Warrick to probably the best front-court player the team currently has.

Of course, all of that will be history after this upcoming game against Cleveland as both teams look to the upcoming NBA Draft in June. Both teams are slated to have top 5 picks in that draft with Charlotte in "competition" with the Orlando Magic to have the most ping pong balls in the draft lottery. The Magic and Bobcats are currently neck and neck at 20-61 so Wednesday is actually a big night for both teams (Orlando plays Miami) as they look to see who'll have the best chance to be No. 1. Despite that, history has never been too kind to the worst team when it comes to the lottery because the last time the team with the worst record received the top pick was back in 2004 when the Magic picked Dwight Howard.

Before we get to the Draft, there still needs to be a game played against Cleveland at the Time Warner Cable Arena. This will be an interesting matchup because both teams are playing for the lottery. With that said, Charlotte has pulled off two straight victories against Eastern Conference playoff teams (Milwaukee and New York) while the Cavaliers just had a close 96-95 defeat against the top ranked Miami Heat.

The most interesting matchup in this game will be in the backcourt with Charlotte's duo of Henderson and Walker going against Irving and Waiters. The potential of seeing a hot duo like Kemba and Gerald go against Cleveland's up and coming core has the potential to be exciting even if this could be Henderson's last game in a Bobcat uniform.