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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Cleveland Cavaliers



Your river's going up in flames and the team is next
It's no secret - anyone can guess ya gonna get flexed

You seem confused like what we say is jest
But I'm as serious as Kemba's crossover or cardiac arrest

We are good so you should guess bad is you
After all, your city endorses racist-a** Chief Wahoo

Cleveland Rocks? Well I say Cleveland does the opposite
Bismack Biyombo comes correct and he ain't afraid to block ya s***

Byron Scott might get canned but can't blame him for this strife
With this roster, nobody could get a winning season in their life

Your season can be best described as being shackled to pain
And for the finale, Charlotte's going to make you look worse than Jim McIlvaine

Your city's probably not so bad, and my verse is coming to an end
But it's pitiful that Betty White's show is a Cleveland top ten.


Bobcats here, y'all better watch the throne
Your owner is as unstable as Kyrie Irving's bones

I'd like to say you have hope, but really there's no reason
You've been "tanking" for each of the last three seasons

It's not tanking, your team just flat out stinks
I can't comprehend what in the world Dion Waiters thinks

When he's taking horrible shots, worse than Varejaos hair
Hard to win when everyone except Varejao cares

The Bobcats gonna rip you apart and have zero pity
But hey, at least the misery of your team matches your city