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Bobcats win and Magic loss give Charlotte second seed in draft lottery

Mike Ehrmann

Not only did the Bobcats triple their wins from last year with their victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight, but they also clinched the second-worst record in the NBA. That sounds bad, but shoot, I'll take the improvement. Beggars can't be choosy and I will happily take this, regardless of placement in the cellar of the league.

Anyway, the Magic also lost their game tonight, 105-93 against their in-state rivals, the Miami Heat.

And so the two Southeastern Division teams separated themselves on the final night of the regular season after a heated race to the bottom. The Bobcats are 21-61. The Magic are 20-62. All hail the conquering heroes!

Basically, here's what happened with the draft odds: the Magic have the best shot at earning the rights to the top pick in the lottery at 25 percent. The Bobcats odds are a tad lower at 19.9 percent. The Magic can place in the lottery no lower than fourth overall. The Bobcats can place no lower than fifth. Both teams' greatest odds are for the fourth pick at 35.8 and 31.9 percent, respectfully.

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place on May 21.