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Rufus on Fire staff on the highs and lows of the season


Because sports fans are almost like a family -- and the Bobcats are about as dysfunctional as they get -- I thought it would be a fun idea to go back over the highs and lows of this past season with our writers. Almost like a family reunion of sorts.

Ben: Let's see, I'll go first. Without a doubt, my favorite thing was being able to mock the ever-loving feces out of Lakers fans when the Bobcats had a better record than them. Few things make my heart beam brighter than making Lakers fans so mad that this happened:

Other good things I liked? I liked not having expectations and just being able to come home from a long night at work and see them still in a game. Also -- and I don't want this feeling to last forever -- the feeling of pure elation and surprise by a win or consecutive wins? Pretty cool.

Things I didn't like: that 18-game losing streak. Losing to the Lakers, even if by narrow margins. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's concussion. That was a really scary moment. Ugh, and Ben Gordon being do upset. That sucked.

David: Here are some off the top...


The three big dunks by MKG, Mullens, and Henderson were cool.

McRoberts' addition has been nice late in the season. I had hoped they would target him two summers ago but swapping him out for Warrick was good.

Sessions' play all year was a really nice surprise. He was a great signing for this team.

Kemba's jump from last year.

Biyombo has improved this year and seems to stay working really hard.

Since we always pick on him, Mullens had some good NBA moments this year. Hopefully shot selection and overall basketball IQ will improve over the summer. (?)


What we were afraid of out of MKG. He slammed into the rookie wall but was also seemingly held there at times. I would have liked to have seen him play more minutes especially late and especially once we realized the early season success probably wouldn't be sustained. He did have a bad injury that was scary.

Ben Gordon. Dribbling. Too much. And in practice.


The Kings game. The Lakers game in LA early in the season where they came back from 20+ (I think).

Ben: Yes, zone. Zone zone zone zone zone. Woof.

Joshua: Bad, eh? The OKC game. I got stuck recapping that "game". It was brutal to watch. That might have been the worst blowout I've watched live. It was painful.

Chris: I have a picture of the 3rd quarter phone screen capped on my phone.

David: Dear God, you're right. That was brutal. Over the last two years there have been several games like that but until that one I thought they were maybe a thing of the past. That was insane.

Chris: The Sixers game was a real turning point for the team; the Jazz and Cavs games were just...*shudders*. MKG had some great moments (the dunks, he had a few double-double games) and the "Tyrus Thomas game" can't go unmentioned because of just how funny it was and how little sense it made. The Byron Mullens career high against the Celtics was fun. Biyombo has really improved constantly throughout the year. When I came on here at RoF it seemed like he struggled at the simplest of things but he's really improved since then in rebounding, scoring, (still struggles at defending without fouling). Actually, the team's in general defense still needs a lot of work. Maybe take a look into Mike Dunlap? Has he improved as a coach as the season has gone on? Has he been bad for the team? Good for it? Or no impact at all?

RoF itself has been great this season. More than happy to have been brought on. Everybody likes to joke about all the writers we have here but they're just jealous of the best blog out there. Been a great season everybody. CHEERS!

Seerat: Hendo's game winner against the Wolves has to be up there.

Chris: Oh yes, how could I forget.

David: Kemba's game winner early this season on the road, Wolves also? (That was this season right?)

Ben: Yep.


Derek: Good: MKG gets a puppy. Kemba game winners, like the one David mentioned in Minnesota.
Bad: Tyrus Thomas coming off of a down year, has even more of a downer year. I really wanted to see him turn it around.

Ben: Ah, yes! MKG's puppy was one of my favorite Bobcats things ever. Who doesn't love puppies? A) that was a rhetorical question, and B) if such a person exists, it's not me as anyone can tell by the coverage I devoted to it.

Jameson: Good: The monster dunks -- but not the MKG one over Monroe, because :(((((( [Ed. Jameson is a Pistons fan - Ben]-- the really awesome start to the season

Bad: MKG's injury, the blowout loss(es).

Brandon: Bests: Win over Wizards to improve to 7-5 in which I remember reading articles praising the Bobcats and the talk of them being competent this season, which was followed by a "worst" when they lost 18 games in a row--those games included some heartbreaking losses, particularly the ones to Portland and New York I believe and the disastrous loss to OKC.

Other bests would be Kemba taking a leap and showing he can play in the NBA. Gerald Henderson coming on strong down the stretch and the occasional glimpses of Biz showing his potential.

The bad for me would be the defense. Dunlap was sold as a defensive guy and I just don't think he got enough out of the guys on that end this season. I expected them to be bad this year but I'm not confident in Dunlap going forward.


So there you have it. What about yours? Put em in the comments, ya scallywags.