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TNT pokes fun at the Bobcats with "Gone Fishing" photoshop

C.J. Fogler via TNT's Inside the NBA

On the first night of TNT's playoff coverage, they eulogized -- at least, that's what I'll call it, I suppose -- the Bobcats and other lottery teams with their now-famous photoshopped images of teams eliminated from playoff contention in favor of chasing fish.

I had never seen TNT's crew do this for teams eliminated before the playoffs and yet here we are with Ric Flair, Michael Jordan, Richard Petty and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist capturing a very large fish thing (catfish?). Shoot, I'm no fisherman. Also, Kenny Smith is there. Carolina connections are forever!

Ahhh, memories. WOOOOOO!

Thanks to my buddy @cjzero for the screengrab.