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Kemba Walker places 11th in Most Improved Player voting


As Paul George ran away with the Kia Most Improved Player Award, winning by 165 votes, the Bobcats' own Kemba Walker almost finished in the top ten.

Walker received two second place votes and three third place votes for nine total points.

The rest of the top ten runs down like so: Greivis Vasquez (146), Larry Sanders (141), Nikola Vucevic (109), Jrue Holiday (102), Omer Asik (86), James Harden (53), Stephen Curry (18), Serge Ibaka (15), Chandler Parsons (14).

Walker had a great season, especially when compared to his rookie year. His shooting percentages all made marked improvements. His FG% increased from 36.6 to 42.3 percent, three-point shooting from 30.5 to 32.2 percent. Walker's assist percentage went up slightly and his steal percentage jumped a whole percentage point.

All this came with an increase in minutes from 27.2 per game to 34.9, although his usage percentage remained about the same.

All told, we saw Kemba Walker improve a lot, especially as a shooter, which makes him a much more dangerous player, not only as a scorer but keeps opponents from consistently locking down just one aspect of his game. There's still room to improve, but this season's performance was an important step in becoming a player the Bobcats hope to rely on as a foundation of their future for years to come.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post stated that Walker finished 10th, but I can't count.