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Links on Fire

I am a nerd, so I read a ton of stuff. Here are some things I found interesting.

Mike Ehrmann

I really am a nerd. Don't believe me? Check out these links.

First, we have a short but sweet post from Kelly Dwyer over at Ball Don't Lie. The writing isn't what you should be paying attention to, though. Check out this innovative idea the Toronto Raptors had against the Washington Wizards. When I saw this, I nearly cried. It's beautiful, and something I'd like to see more teams exploit. Plus, it's always cute to see people embracing each other.

Ever wondered what NBA legends are up to these days? Well, Adrian Dantley is a crossing guard. No, seriously.

Our good friend Holly Mackenzie wrote a wonderful story about Raptors' rookie Quincy Acy. You might not be interested in Raptors stuff, but the things Acy talks about are things most rookies deal with. It's a great read.

Over at RealGM, our buddy Jonathan Tjarks takes a look at why Gregg Popovich (and the Spurs, for that matter) have been able to sustain success for so long. Apparently, he's not resting players just to rest players. He's giving young guys minutes in the process. Player development.

LeBron can videobomb, too. What a great face.

A lovely little profile on NBA commissioner David Stern. Yes, this is the story that said Stern calls up MJ to tell him he sucks.

Congratulations to Shaq for having his jersey retired. I hope he stops "analyzing" basketball and sticks to be silly. Check out this video. Just do it.

Have any links you wanna share? Post'em in the comments.