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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Philadelphia 76ers

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE


The Bobcats got Jannero Pargo now what you gonna do now?
Bobcats gonna dismantle your whole dang crew now

What's next? Can't score if you drive right or drive left
Your squad has been irrelevant since either AI left

To be clear, that's Andre Iguodala and Allen Iverson
Our field goal percentage gonna be higher than the hair of Bynums your gm's been hiding in

Kemba sees the lane and he's sliding in, Hawes is your man in the middle
Hard to score points when your starting shooting guard can't dribble

Jrue had a good start, but the Bobcats are going all the way
So since you're losing this one, you're best to pick a new Holiday


I'm looking at you from behind the rear window
I saw you kill your playoffs hopes, but it's okay - they weren't even in limbo.

Word to Doug for passin' Phil as the most depressing Collins
I can feel your bad offense coming in the air tonight and it's appallin'

Kemba's gonna cross you so bad, you'll wish you were dead
Spencer Hawes will look at your face and wish his politics were as red

I can see it now: we got the better of the Pargo brothers
I've got the shining and I know you're doomed like Scatman Cruthers

Like Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith, the Bobcats are strictly business
Y'all are just Master P, makin' 'em say ugh as they lose interest