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Charlotte Bobcats lose to Brooklyn Nets, 105-96

The Bobcats lose to the Nets in a game they looked like they didn't care about.


I've sat here staring at a blinking cursor for the last 10 minutes because I can't think of what to write. I put on some music in the background to try to help me recall the game that just took place. I remember blanking out constantly during the game and not really realizing what was going on. Maybe I'm tired, maybe I couldn't focus, or maybe the game was just so frustrating that I tried to blank out memories of it.

This game was incredibly frustrating to watch. The Bobcats were coming off a back-to-back. They had their last game at home against Miami and were obviously in no mood for this game. The defense was so bad that I was more surprised when stops were happening than when easy buckets at the rim were taking place. Deron Williams got to the rim at will, scoring 7 of his 11 shots there, and for the most part, tearing the Bobcats defense apart.

On offense, the Bobcats couldn't do anything. Gone was the two-man game and off ball screens we had begun to love and back came the ball-dominant isolation plays we have all grown to loathe over the course of the season. I really hope this was just a one-time thing and it wasn't the Bobcats lapsing back to their old boring ways. There were many times during the game where players and coaches just looked visibly frustrated. All I can assume is there was a lack of communication among each other and as a result everybody was frustrated.

This game had a lot of frustrating moments, the most frustrating was probably when Jannero Pargo ruined any chance the Bobcats had at winning. Down 5 the Bobcats had a chance to pull it within 2, get a stop, and then try to tie the game. Pargo daggered his own team by running down the court and taking a leaning awful corner 3 shot that he made earlier by some miracle of basketball. Of course he missed this one and that was all she wrote.