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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Memphis Grizzlies



The Bobcats stepping into Memphis rendering your dirt infertile
Zach Randolph looks like a fat teenage mutant ninja turtle

watch out when Kemba breaks out his patented step back manuever
this beat-down will have ownership moving back to Vancouver

Cats are gonna snap your will to win like elastic
Jerryd Bayless looks like a black Mr. Clean dipped his head in acid

you ain't seen a beatdown this one-sided since Obama vs. Romney
how do your championship hopes ride on the shoulders of Mike Conley?

it's gonna be sad, no one laughing at it like late night with Fallon
your squad is as bad as the punctuation skills of Tony Allen


Ready your ears, it's another Rufus on Fire classic
The Bobcats will maul y'all with no apprehension and that's it

Your hope will last shorter than Z-Bo runnin' wind sprints
but your anger will last longer than him eatin' thin mints

Always the bridesmaid never the bride is your shine
Wannabe contender gonnabe watching from far from the sideline

Memphises are all alike, but your peak is shorter than Bleek
Physique weak, the Bobcats are gonna drop you like antiques

Your window's closing and the Bobcats are gonna lock it
We're gonna bend you into a pretzel like a Polly Pocket