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Charlotte Bobcats to interview Nate Tibbetts, asked to interview Kelvin Sampson

Scott Halleran

Via the Charlotte Observer, we can add two more candidates to the 2013 Second Annual Charlotte Bobcats Coachapalooza Searching Spectacular: Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach Nate Tibbetts and Houston Rockets assistant coach Kelvin Sampson.

Tibbetts was also a candidate in the First Annual Charlotte Bobcats Coachapalooza Searhing Spectacular, but didn't become a finalist, for whatever reason. Superstar point guard Kyrie Irving has given Tibbetts some high praise and the Bobcats are going to take a second look at the young coach. With his emphasis on development, perhaps they see some promise in Tibbetts.

Charlotte resident and current Rockets assistant coach Kelvin Sampson could also be a person of interest with Jonathan Feigen reporting the Bobcats have asked for permission to interview Sampson. He was a prominent college coach at Oklahoma and Indian, and he has gained NBA coaching experience in Milwaukee for three years with the Bucks before joining the Rockets as a part of Kevin McHale's staff. When McHale missed games for personal reasons, Sampson took over. The Rockets might wait until after their playoffs are over before granting permission, though that might come soon with their series on the brink of elimination.

This has been your update in the 2013 Second Annual Charlotte Bobcats Coachapalooza Searching Spectacular.