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Charlotte Bobcats begin process to change name back to 'Hornets', reports state


CBS Sports reports that the Bobcats have begun the process to return the Hornets name back to Charlotte's NBA team, citing a source with knowledge of the process and a website domain ownership change.

Honestly, what I write after this doesn't even matter. At this point, everyone's pretty much made up their mind whether they want the name back or don't want it back or don't care if they're called the Charlotte Centipedes.

As it seems, a majority undoubtedly wants the name back, but as future NBA commissioner Adam Silver said to season ticket holders in April, such a change would take at least 18 months. The Bobcats have been diligent in trying to judge public opinion with surveys and polling groups since the New Orleans Hornets announced their rebranding to the New Orleans Pelicans.

I don't know. Maybe I've just expected this regardless so I'm not excited or anxious for more developments or whatever. Perhaps I've been drained because of how the topic of a name change has been raised every six months for the past few years or how obnoxious some people are about a perceived necessity of a name change while many of us watch a miserable product on the court on a nightly basis. Honestly, I'm much more excited or anxious or whatever for the draft lottery, draft workouts, the draft and, hell, anything that actually has to do with improving the team's future at this point.

But by all means, I welcome everyone who wants to celebrate!

(sidenote: redirects to Lake Norman Real Estate)