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Charlotte Bobcats get fourth pick in 2013 NBA Draft

Mike Stobe

Though the lowest the Bobcats could pick in the first round of the upcoming draft could have been fifth overall, they outperformed that percentage by receiving the fourth overall pick.

Though many expect Nerlens Noel to go first, the talent level is fairly consistent after that, much like last year with a number of prospects in the mix for the top spots.

The Bobcats tried to reclaim some magic today by also announcing the team would be renamed the Hornets beginning in the 2014-15 season. Unfortunately for them, a connection to past draft luck (see: Mourning, Alonzo; Johnson, Larry) could not return results for the Bobcats.

Alas, luck again was not on their side like last year, and they'll be slated to draft behind three teams unless they trade up or down. Anything can happen during the draft and trades go down fairly often, so you can't exactly count on the team holding pat at this time.