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SB Nation Network NBA Playoffs Open Thread: Only one game, ughhhhhhhhh

Once again, we play host to SB Nation's NBA network's playoff open thread, so let's be kind hosts to our fine visitors!


After last night's four-game schedule that tugged my mind at opposite ends trying to decide which game to watch, tonight has only one NBA playoff game to focus on.

In our only Game 7 of the first round, we have the Chicago Bulls taking on the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center. Tipoff will be shortly after 8 p.m.

As Blog A Bull's headline states, "Deng still in hospital, Hinrich still can't run," which has to be disheartening for Chicago fans. But Taj Gibson and Nate Robinson are through their flu-like symptoms, so at least the poor little guy doesn't have to be shown puking up his innards to a national audience.

As for Derrick Rose ... well, it might be more likely that Axl Rose starts for the Bulls.

Meanwhile Brooklyn and their second-most expensive roster in the league look to fulfill some of the potential people thought they had in the face of recent questions concerning their internal fortitude.

If you're wondering how former Charlotte Bobcats legend is playing, check out this GIF.


Ouch. #PrayForRealGerald