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Bobcats coaching candidate list increases to six, defense in mind


As the Bobcats' list of coaching prospects to interview for their open head coach position grows, we can get an idea of the shape they want the team to take for the future.

Former Suns assistant coach Elston Turner, current Lakers assistant coach Steve Clifford and Jazz assistant coach Jeff Hornacek now join Alvin Gentry, Nate Tibbetts and Kelvin Sampson in the ever-growing pool.

Turner has a reputation as a top defensive coach and has been interviewed for plenty of head coaching gigs, but has yet to land one. He's been a top assistant for Rick Adelman for years and was most recently an assistant under Alvin Gentry for the Suns.

Steve Clifford is also a defensive guy as an assistant for the Lakers, having worked extensively as an assistant for both of the Van Gundy brothers. The Lakers may have been pretty terrible on defense this year, but it's not like old Kobe and old Nash are going to be stellar perimeter defenders anymore.

And Jeff Hornacek ... uh, well, hm. I know he used to play in the NBA, but other than that, I can't find anything about him as an assistant coach. Go banana!

Anyway, with these six coaches on the Bobcats' minds, it isn't hard to see they're focused on changing what they've been worst at: defense. Turner, Clifford, Gentry and Tibbetts may all be best described as defensive-minded coaches. Sampson and Tibbetts have also gotten good marks as strong developmental coaches. Charlotte is still focusing on development, but they clearly want to pull themselves out of the basement of the league on the defensive side. Clearly they want to bring in a coach that creates stability and sustainability.