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Top backcourt prospects: Trey Burke

Michigan's Trey Burke is one of the most skilled offensive players in the NBA Draft, but will those skills be shown in Charlotte?


Similar to Bobcats point guard Kemba Walker, Trey Burke carried his Michigan Wolverines to an NCAA Tournament Finals appearance. His combination of blazing quickness and clutch perimeter shooting were crucial to Michigan's success as a team. While Kemba was out-shined in the 2011 draft by Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, Burke is above and beyond the best point guard in this year's class. His overall skill set on both sides of the ball makes him an extremely enticing prospect to any team that's looking for a point guard to build with.

The 6'0" Burke is possibly one of the best all-around scoring threats in this draft despite being Michigan's top facilitator (7.5 assists per 40 minutes). This is because of the initial chemistry he had with freshman big Mitch McGary. McGary worked well with Burke because of his agility and ability to work around the paint, which made him a stellar pick and roll option. Burke used the freshman as a decoy to work around the perimeter or used a quick bounce pass to the diving big. The combination of his passing ability and the way he can penetrate the defense was lethal because of how many spot-up threats the Wolverines employed.

Burke's 6'0", 187-pound frame is a bit undersized for an NBA point guard, but he compensates for that with a solid 6'5" wingspan and great athleticism. Even when he's not working in the pick and roll, Burke is still able to get into the lane because of his fantastic ball-handling and ability to change speeds. However, he may not be able to get to rim as much in the NBA because of his height and small frame. Thankfully, Burke is great when it comes to using his body to draw contact.

While he's an extremely smart and crafty player when he works his way inside, Burke's main strength is his perimeter shooting ability. As a spot-up shooter, Burke shot 44 percent from the field and 42 percent off the dribble. Burke is deadly every time he pulls up because of his smooth, quick stroke and deep range. But be warned: He's a bit over-confident with his jumper sometimes and that can lead into some horribly inefficient shot attempts. He should settle down as he matures as a player but it's still a concern.

Defense is where Burke might struggle the most when he reaches the NBA because of his small frame. He'll have some issues against some of the bigger guards in the NBA, and it doesn't really help that he often lacks focus on the defensive end. It's not all bad: His quickness and long wingspan helped him grab two steals per 40 minutes.

Fit with the Bobcats

While Trey Burke is an extremely talented prospect, the Bobcats probably won't take a glimpse at him because of Kemba Walker. Kemba is considered one of the faces of the franchise as we move into the Steve Clifford era so it would be ideal for the team to select a frontcourt player, something the Bobcats desperately need..

Would Trey Burke be a good fit for the Bobcats if they didn't have Kemba? Probably, but Burke won't be in the cards when the Bobcats make their selection June 27.