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Bobcats draft workout tumbleweeds, Len and Zeller come to town


There hasn't been much news out of Charlotte lately, even with the draft only a mere nine days away.

Pretty much every team reports their workouts with prospects for media availability, but the Bobcats have been noticeably quiet. It's been an odd silence from a team that has the fourth overall pick in the upcoming draft, it's fourth top-10 pick in three years. What seems to be the case is that they just haven't been scheduling many workouts. With three of the top big men prospects injured and unable to display their skills, the Bobcats short list of players must have gotten shorter for pre-draft viewings.

Still, in the past the team has had loaded schedules with player workouts. Because Charlotte dealt their second round pick to the Thunder, limiting themselves to a single pick in the draft looks to remain the plan. By not scheduling even the lesser-hyped late-first, early-second round prospects, the Bobcats seems to be completely satisfied not acquiring another late pick, which some could interpret as the team not doing its due diligence in looking at the prospects flying under the radar.

Anyway, there is some news from Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, as scarce as the scene is.

As far as Len's injury goes, he expects to be back running in August and fully ready for training camp in October.

Alex Len has been one of the more intriguing prospects in this year's draft. He already has the base for being a serviceable big man, with good agility, solid athleticism, size, shotblocking skills and decent touch around the rim with either hand. Mainly the concern with Len is his foot injury (stress fracture) and developing his offense to an NBA level. Due to the Bobcats severe lack of talent in the frontcourt, they will have to seriously evaluate Len's possible impact and whether he'd be their best pick at No. 4.

In other frontcourt prospect news, apparently Cody Zeller is coming to visit the Bobcats Wednesday, though no other top picks will be there.

Zeller is another highly touted big man like Len, but Zeller is much more polished. Coming out of Indiana, Cody Zeller made his name as solid jump-shooter with good scoring instincts, nice touch around the rim, NBA-ready size and a good repertoire of offensive moves in the post. The main concerns with Zeller are his length and his ability to maintain position in the post. With a wingspan and standing reach well shorter than the average measurements of players his height, he could have some issues on defense in trying to defend entry passes, obstructing passing lanes and views of the court, or on offense finishing over big men, or being able to be a good rebounder. Though he's 7 feet tall, Zeller struggles to not get pushed around in the paint at times and he'll need to add on some more bulk to help that.

The Bobcats certainly are looking at a frontcourt player for their No. 4 pick, but I wouldn't count out much of anything. I'm not sure anyone outside the organization has an idea who they're going to take.