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Backcourt free agency rundown

Taking a look at some of the backcourt players the Bobcats could snag this summer.


Over this offseason, the Bobcats will be looking at many players to pick up out of free agency. The frontcourt will take precedence, most likely, but what the Bobcats do with guard Gerald Henderson (restricted free agent) could decide the moves they make in the backcourt.

Another thing to look at: next year, backup point guard Ramon Sessions is an unrestricted free agent, meaning that the Bobcats have an opportunity this summer to sign a willing point guard to a multi-year deal to fill the spot.

UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent - A player who has full control on their free agency. They can take whatever contract they want on any team they want.

RFA = Restricted Free Agent - A player who is still tethered to the team he's on. He can select any contract he's offered but the current team he's on is allowed match the offer regardless of even if it takes them above the soft salary cap. A secondary option for the player is to take a qualifying offer which will let them finish out the final year of their contract and become an Unrestricted Free Agent at the end of the season.

Jeff Teague - RFA

Teague, relatively unknown through the majority of his basketball career, burst onto the scene in Atlanta last season, averaging 12.6 points and 4.9 assists per game. He did nothing but improve upon his numbers this season, upping his points average by two and his assist percentage by 12 percentage points to 36.1 percent. Depending on what the Hawks do in the draft this year -- they could draft guards such as Dennis Schroeder or Shane Larkin -- will decide what decision they make on Teague, who's a restricted free agent. The Hawks can match offers other teams make, but if a team without a point guard like Dallas wants to spend, they might not be able to match. Teague is a point guard, and starter-quality at that, which makes for a mismatch with a Bobcats team that's pretty set on Kemba Walker.

Nate Robinson - UFA

Robinson is a polarizing player. One second he'll make plays that make you want him to never wear your team's jersey ever again, and the next second he'll be trading blows with LeBron James in the playoffs. He played all 82 games this year, occasionally starting in place of the injured Derrick Rose, and made his way to averaging 13.1 points per game on 43.3 percent field goal shooting (including 40.5 percent from beyond the arc) for the season. He could be brought in as a backup to Kemba Walker, as Ramon Sessions is a free agent after next season.

Shaun Livingston - UFA

Jannero Pargo is an unrestricted free agent this year, and if they decline to bring him back, the Bobcats could snag Shaun Livingston for a great price. Livingston's leg has been getting a little bit better ever since his awful injury, and he became a serviceable contributor on this year's Cavaliers team and had been one previously in Charlotte.

Tony Allen - UFA

If the Bobcats let guard Gerald Henderson go, they could get Grizzlies two guard Tony Allen for a relatively cheap price, considering how good of a defender he's become. Unlike Henderson, Allen specializes in his elite defense, well-documented throughout the past few years of his career.

J.J. Redick - UFA

With ties to Steve Clifford when they were both in Orlando, Redick could be a great fit for the Bobcats. His spectacular shooting would fill a big need for a team that finished the season 27th in three-point shooting. However, he's no Tony Allen on defense, which wouldn't help their rating as the second-worst 3-pointer defense. His price point could also be an issue for the Bobcats.

Kevin Martin - UFA

Kevin Martin made his mark this year as one of the best sixth men in the NBA, filling the void James Harden left when he departed last season for the Houston Rockets. He may be ready this season to leave for another team and become the starting shooting guard in his new city. Charlotte could use his shooting, though he's not as versatile as Henderson.

Anthony Morrow - UFA

If the Bobcats just want a player who can drain threes, Charlotte native Anthony Morrow could be their man. That's his specialty, though he's not going to wow anyone with much else. The Mavericks traded for him this year in exchange for Dahntay Jones but still didn't use him much. Morrow could be an inexpensive option to help their shooting, though not a guy I'd sign to do much more than that.

Sebastian Telfair - UFA

Telfair, a guard deep in the bench in Toronto's rotation, could find some playing time at point guard if shipped to Charlotte. He's never been a bad player, he's just never had the jump shot teams have wanted. His ball-handling skills are terrific and he's a respectable passer. Charlotte could sit him in right behind Walker and he and Sessions could split time coming off the bench. He'll be a cheap option.