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Kemba Walker picks Anthony Bennett for the Bobcats in mock draft


In ESPN's player-led mock draft (Insider), they let a player for each team represent them and pretend they're the ones making the pick.

This year Kemba Walker made the pick for the Bobcats, selecting UNLV forward Anthony Bennett.

Our team gets up and down the floor, and when I'm pushing, he's a guy I know can finish a lob if I hit him on the break. [...] And defensively, he can stop guys in the post, and that's what we need.

I'd agree Bennett would be a strong target in an uptempo offense with his athleticism and finishing ability. However, I'm not in agreement as much on Bennett's defensive skills. Bennett has issues fronting people in the post and with awareness that can lead to easier scoring opportunities. That is, at this point, I mean. He has the tools to be a fine defender because of his strength and athleticism, but whether someone can help him become more focused has been an object of concern.

On the other hand, this could be the front office in his ear trying to help push Bennett's stock. And same could be said for the rest of this mock draft. As with everything draft-related, it's a very secretive process and we won't know anything for sure until everything's all said and done.