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Rufus on Fire NBA Draft live thread and livecast

Follow along with each other in the comments and/or watch the site editors give their commentary throughout the night.


The time is finally here.

At 7:30 p.m. ESPN will broadcast the 2013 NBA Draft. The Bobcats hold the fourth pick and only the fourth pick (Oklahoma City got the Cats' second round pick in return for Byron Mullens). Below you will find me, Josh and Dac (the other half of our pre-game diss raps) talking about basketball for the next hour or so as the draft goes on, analyzing picks and making jokes and talking about whatever floats our boat. Below that is the draft order.

First round:

1) Cleveland Cavaliers
2) Orlando Magic
3) Washington Wizards
4) Charlotte Bobcats
5) Phoenix Suns
6) New Orleans Hornets
7) Sacramento Kings
8) Detroit Pistons
9) Minnesota Timberwolves
10) Portland Trail Blazers
11) Philadelphia 76ers
12) Oklahoma City Thunder
13) Dallas Mavericks
14) Utah Jazz
15) Milwaukee Bucks
16) Boston Celtics
17) Atlanta Hawks
18) Atlanta Hawks
19) Cleveland Cavaliers
20) Chicago Bulls
21) Utah Jazz
22) Brooklyn Nets
23) Indiana Pacers
24) New York Knicks
25) LA Clippers
26) Minnesota Timberwolves
27) Denver Nuggets
28) San Antonio Spurs
29) Oklahoma City Thunder
30) Phoenix Suns

Second round:

31) Cleveland Cavaliers
32) Oklahoma City Thunder
33) Cleveland Cavaliers
34) Houston Rockets
35) Philadelphia 76ers
36) Sacramento Kings
37) Detroit Pistons
38) Washington Wizards
39) Portland Trail Blazers
40) Portland Trail Blazers
41) Memphis Grizzlies
42) Philadelphia 76ers
43) Milwaukee Bucks
44) Dallas Mavericks
45) Portland Trail Blazers
46) Utah Jazz
47) Atlanta Hawks
48) LA Lakers
49) Chicago Bulls
50) Atlanta Hawks
51) Orlando Magic
52) Minnesota Timberwolves
53) Indiana Pacers
54) Washington Wizards
55) Memphis Grizzlies
56) Detroit Pistons
57) Phoenix Suns
58) San Antonio Spurs
59) Minnesota Timberwolves
60) Memphis Grizzlies