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Top backcourt prospects: Otto Porter

Otto Porter made a splash his final year at Georgetown becoming the primary scorer on the team and establishing himself as a top 5 player. The Bobcats could always use more scoring wingmen but is Porter a good fit for the team?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Otto Porter, SF, Georgetown

Otto Porter enters the draft at a height of 6'8.5" (in shoes) with a wingspan of 7'1.5". That wingspan is an automatic plus as any small forward with a wingspan over 7 feet has the ability to defend multiple positions, which is a great asset for any NBA player. Porter had the chance to show off that length of his for Georgetown after he was moved to power forward position following a teammate's eligibility problems. It is because of this move to the frontcourt that Porter was forced to quicken his release. Porter showed in his two years in college an ability to improve. Further, Porter went from shooting 70 percent at the free throw line as a freshman and 28 percent from three, he improved to 77 percent at the free throw line and 48 percent from behind the arc. The improvements in shooting indicates that Porter's shooting can improve as he continues to grow as a player.

Porter is only 19 years old but he is known for being an intelligent player, which you can see with his low turnover numbers of 1.5 per game. He's moves great off the ball and has great footwork. Also. he showed some promise in the post as the season went on and after he bulks up in the pros could be a very good Al Horford type player.

What we don't know about Porter is his ability to create his own shot. A lot of his scoring came off of spots-up attempts. This has a lot to do with Georgetown's system but you can't ignore that (according to Draft Express) only 11.4% of possessions Porter was involved in were on isolation and pick and rolls.

Fit with the Bobcats

Otto Porter is a quality player whose skill set I would love on the Bobcats as any player that can help facilitate ball movement is greatly needed.

The biggest problem with drafting Porter would be that there are already so many players on the Bobcats at the 3 and 4 positions. If the Bobcats can find a way to make some room for him and work a way to get him and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist on the floor together, then I say go for it. However, they do overlap a bit in their talents, which could stunt one's growth and it doesn't help some of their more pressing needs like frontcourt support.

The reason I say go for it is if you ignore roster spots and playing time Porter is the perfect kind of player the Bobcats need on the offensive end. He moves off-ball and god knows that was needed last season. He can score in the post and having a prospect who can develop into a player that can go down low and create a shot would be nice.