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Links on Fire: SUMMER LEAGUE

In these links we have a lot of summer league action and a post about how the Bobcats did in Free Agency


Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer had a to do list for the Bobcats at summer league. Did the Bobcats complete the items on the list? Now that summer league is over we can discuss it, was the Bobcats summer league a success?

We've all seen Jeff Taylor's attempt to destroy a basketball rim during summer league by now. Dan Devine of Yahoo! Sports compares Taylor's dunk to three other dunks and asks, who's dunk is the best?

As another summer passes the question rises, what is Bismack Biyombo's future with the Bobcats? Steve Clifford says he wants Biyombo to be a defensive anchor. Steve Reed of the Associated Press talks to Clifford about what he wants Biyombo to become.

Summer League can be a grind. It takes place in Vegas so it sounds like it's nothing but fun. However, what about when you've been there more than 4-5 days with nothing but mediocre basketball and over priced everything? How long will your sanity last? Robby Kalland of PeachTree Hoops did a guest post on Hardwood Paroxysm explaining how he lost his sanity during summer league.

This year's summer league featured a tournament to crown a Summer League champion. The tournament didn't go over as well as hoped. Eric Freeman of Ball Don't Lie says it didn't create much interest.

Mike Prada of SB Nation ranks the top 60 rookies of summer league. Bobcats rookie Cody Zeller found his way to the top of the list.

The Free Agency period is drawing to a close. There's only a few more signings that teams will be making before they've gotten their rosters set and will be preparing for training camp and next season. Zach Lowe of Grantland goes over the winners and not winners of Free Agency. The Bobcats made the list.