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Bobcats and Al Jefferson come to agreement on free agent contract

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, Al Jefferson will be the newest Charlotte Bobcat.


According to a tweet by ESPN's Marc Stein, Al Jefferson has agreed to sign with the Charlotte Bobcats, which would be finalized some time after July 10, the day contracts can officially be signed.

It was later on reported by David Aldridge of TNT that the deal was not for $41 million but $40.5 million.

Jefferson spent the past few days with the Bobcats brass, also reportedly keeping his eye on the Dwight Howard because his suitors could have chased Jefferson if they failed in their pursuit of Howard.

Despite the chance to play for a team that could immediately make a bigger post-season impact, the Bobcats made him an offer of $13.5 million per year, which is probably a couple million more than what other teams would offer. Though his price tag is high, the length of the contract is team-friendly.

From a pure talent aspect, Jefferson brings a unique skill set to Charlotte. His post offense is easily one of the most versatile in the league with an intuitive array of moves, footwork, head and ball fakes. However, his defense is far from average due to his slow feet and poor help defense.

At the least, the Bobcats now have a multi-faceted offense, now finally with a true post player, undoubtedly the best in Bobcats franchise history. The team was ranked 28th in points scored per 100 possessions last year. Now with Cody Zeller and Jefferson, the Bobcats have effectively upgraded their frontcourt offense across the board.