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Links on Fire: Who is Al Jefferson?

This week's links have some more Cody Zeller discussion, give you some insight into Al Jefferson, and a look into Dwyane Wade's kid.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Over at the Charlotte Observer they looked into what was being written about Al Jefferson during his time in Utah.

Yahoo!'s Kelly Dwyer is not a fan of the Bobcats signing Al Jefferson, and he makes some very good points about how he thinks the match is not a good one for either side. Even if you don't agree, it's an interesting viewpoint and has good analysis of Jefferson's game.

Haven't had enough Cody Zeller discussion here at Rufus on Fire? Well the fine writers over at Queen City Hoops gave their opinions on the new Bobcats draft pick.

Free Agency isn't all about the big splashy signings. The smaller ones are just as important. Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated takes a look into some of the more minor free agency moves taking place.

When I was 16, I was more worried about finding a girlfriend than reporting on the NBA free agency. Meet Arye Abraham, the 16-year-old from Los Angeles who reported almost every detail of the Dwight Howard negotiations.

Dwyane Wade has a kid. I'm sure you've seen him in press conferences. Sean Highkin, of USA Today's For The Win, interviewed Dwyane Wade and asked about his kid and his hopes to enter the NBA some day.

Free agency is only a few days old and plenty has already happened. Zach Harper of CBS Sports brought Lang Whitaker onto the Eye On Basketball podcast to discuss free agency.

Tom Ziller of SB Nation is sick of everybody saying rebuilding teams are tanking. Ziller explains why rebuilding is not tanking.

This is a crazy spreadsheet detailing every NBA player and analytically trying to assess their value on the court and in salary.