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Anthony Tolliver signs 1-year deal with Bobcats

Anthony Tolliver's a Bobcat. Ya don't say?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

According to his twitter page, the Bobcats and power forward Anthony Tolliver have come to an agreement on a 1 year deal for the veterans minimum.

Last year, Tolliver played for the Hawks. He came off the bench for the Hawks and was mainly used for defensive purposes. He only took three shots and grabbed two boards per game on average. While rebounding and offense are not his forté, he is long and will help the Bobcats defensively when players like Bismack Biyombo get into foul trouble.

Do not expect Tolliver to be a major piece and get major minutes, so don't worry about Cody Zeller's or Biyombo's playing time. The young guys will still play. Tolliver was most likely signed as a locker room guy that's ready when needed. The only player who will probably lose minutes to Tolliver is Brendan Haywood.

All in all, this is a good signing for the Bobcats as it doesn't cost too much money, provides them a good locker room presence and gives them a younger, healthier player to fill out the roster.