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Bobcats exploring advertising on practice jerseys


NBA jerseys have been a topic of discussion for years now. The new sleeved jerseys are divisive for most fans and the topic of advertising has been mostly sidestepped by owners and the NBA's board of governors for now. For now, the status quo will remain the same on regular season jerseys.

But practice jerseys remain a different story. The Bobcats have re-upped with Blue Cross Blue Shield in a two-year agreement that will give the health insurance a spot for their company name and logo, the Charlotte Business Journal reports. For the duration of the team's practice camp, the team will have a sponsorship spot on the jerseys and they will be the primary sponsor of the camp, which will be held in Asheville in 2013 and 2014.

In addition to the jersey sponsorship, the Bobcats brass are looking to the practice camp to extend the team's promise outside of the Charlotte metropolitan area, and to the rotating exhibition games to spread their reach to the rest of the Carolinas.

The Bobcats are undergoing an extensive marketing plan to rebuild goodwill with the Carolinas in recent years. From the name change back to the fondly remembered 'Hornets' moniker to preseason games ranging from Asheville to Fayetteville to Charleston, S.C., the Bobcats are trying to reach a number of fans in the area.

Charlotte will host exhibition games in Asheville on October 8 and Greensboro on October 19 against the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks, respectively.