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2014-15 Report Cards

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker's 2014-15 season showed flashes of growth, particularly from a shooting standpoint, but the Hornets also relied on Walker's heroics too much, exposing the team's offensive futility.

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Al Jefferson

Al Jefferson regressed in his second season with Charlotte. Injuries, roster construction, and more led to that. Are the questions around Al's future with the team valid?

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Gerald Henderson

2014-2015 was Gerald Henderson's sixth season in the NBA. Have we seen all that the team will get from Hendo, or does he still have some more growth left in him?

Steve Clifford's season to forget

It's unfair to lay all 49 losses at Clifford's feet, but there is plenty to digest from the coach's second season.

2014-15 Front Office Report Cards: Rich Cho

The 2014-15 Hornets failed to live up to expectations. Let's review the performance of the man primarily responsible for putting the whole team together: general manager Rich Cho.

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Bismack Biyombo

Bismack Biyombo was arguably the biggest surprise for the Charlotte Hornets, putting together some of the potential that got him drafted in the top 10 years ago.

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Cody Zeller

2014-2015 Report Card: Cody Zeller

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson's first season in Charlotte was a disaster, and in many ways mirrored the team's season as a whole.

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Mo Williams

Mo Williams was acquired in a mid-season trade to help Charlotte make the playoffs. They didn't. Was his acquisition the wrong decision?

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Marvin Williams

Marvin Williams was signed in the offseason to be the starter at power forward. How was his performance this season?

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Noah Vonleh

Noah Vonleh didn't play much this season but there were moments that created excitement for the future.

2014-15 Front Office Report Cards: Michael Jordan

Owner Michael Jordan's biggest move this past year was re-branding the team from the Bobcats to the Hornets and that has paid dividends thus far. How did Jordan's other moves in this time shake out?

2014-15 Player Report Cards: P.J. Hairston

The Hornets took a flyer on P.J. Hairston when they traded for his draft rights and baggage on draft night, and while he showed flashes, he failed to bring Charlotte what they needed this season.

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Troy Daniels

Troy Daniels was a throw-in when the Hornets sought out Mo Williams for a playoff push but by the end of the year, Daniels showed a flash of much-needed shooting.

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Jason Maxiell

Another year, another undersized big man playing over Bismack Biyombo. Did Jason Maxiell's play warrant the minutes?

2014-15 Player Report Cards: Brian Roberts

How did Kemba Light's first season in Charlotte go?