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Charlotte Bobcats at Los Angeles Clippers game preview

Happy New Year Bobcats fans!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

I hope everybody isn't too hung over for the New Year. Especially you. Yes you, you know what you did.

Alright so it's a brand new year. That means the Bobcats can get off to an awesome start against ... against ... THEY HAVE TO START THE CALENDAR YEAR PLAYING THE CLIPPERS OH SWEET MERCIFUL BASKETBALL GODS WHY!?

The Clippers are smacking teams around this season. They're ranked in the top 10 in defensive efficiency and their offense is killer. When they get rolling they can whoop on any team in the NBA. This is all thanks to Chris Paul and his amazing ability to make everybody on the floor better. Whether Paul is passing, defending, attacking, or shooting he has an impact on the game one way or another.

Blake Griffin gets a lot of crap from the common fan and I will never understand why. Even if all he could do was dunk why is that a problem when he's constantly getting to the rim so he can dunk? Anyway, that aside, the guy is a monster. He gobbles rebounds, has some of the best big man ball handling skills in the NBA, and I'm honestly worried about what he's going to do to Josh McRoberts and Al Jefferson. Neither of them are the type of defender that can consistently stop the guy.

Those are the Clippers' two big stars. If the Bobcats want to succeed I think they're going to have to let whatever Paul and Griffin do whatever it is that Paul and Griffin do. Dunks? So be it. Paul is about to have 40 points? Oh well, they need to work on stopping Deandre Jordan, Jared Dudley and the rest of the Clippers role players. The Clippers love to launch 3's all day long, the Cats can't let them do that. They need to stick to their plan of forcing teams to shoot long 2's.

If the Cats want to beat the Clippers they're gonna have to play a nearly perfect game and get some luck. They'll need to rely heavily on their defense since the offense will most likely be getting stifled by L.A.'s top 10 defense. Maybe they can catch the Clippers on a New Year's hangover, now don't be so loud, my head hurts.