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Bobcats pregame diss rap vs Los Angeles Clippers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Chris Paul and balls is vicious-like, call the cops and turn him in
Cup yourself and grab a tourniquet before it's your turn again

Yeah, he's a scrub and Blake is a schill for real
Breathin in Kia's bills through his gills,
Hornets back soon so shoutout to Scott Burrell
Byron looks like a 40 year old virgin like Steve Carrell
We won't sell out arenas but we compete and compel
And when we're through we'll hit up Papyrus for a nice card tellin you to get well
Soon, or maybe later, but we don't care, freakin' hell
Haters tryin to put us out of business like we sellin' stem cells

They think we can be locked in a cell in the cellar
But they couldn't do it to Cube or Dre, yeah I'm talking Heller
H-E-L-Uh-Another L-I Don't Know I'm not a good speller
Best watch out or you'll get put in a poster by Cody Zeller

You still addin' fellers? Have you tried Anthony Peeler?
just cut out the middle man and go to your dealer
Get some uppers or maybe try pin pricks from a healer
Have you heard back from Marvin Monroe or Harry Shearer?
Don't be mad, you're already set with Barnes, King Sneerer
Meanwhile with the Cats you'll be woebegone like Garrison Keillor

The Doc is in but you'll wish he's out beyond a reasonable doubt
We chillin with a victory Blueprint drinkin a seasonable stout
Cuz i'm a hipster beerster weirdster fool with a regional clout
The Bobcats are slept on but go 'head and reckon with the feasible rout